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By Keith Curreri on September 09, 2010

If you use Gmail you will love Rapportive. Rapportive is a Gmail plug-in released for Firefox and Chrome which replaces the Gmail advertisements with information about the person you are corresponding with. It also shows what social media platforms people are in so you can easily grow your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn networks.

Check out the screenshot below which I got off of their website.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Shows an image of the person
  • Shows a brief biography and their social media presence
  • Live display of recent tweets
  • Allows you to add private notes for each person
  • Non-obtrusive: it replaces the advertisements on the right side of the screen!

Is Rapportive trustworthy?

Rapportive doesn’t require your Gmail credentials, it uses a secure Google Federated Login or Open ID. It doesn’t have access to your password, but it does have access to your emails in order to gather information. Rightfully, this may turn some people off, but remember that any extension that you add to your browser also has access to anything you do on the Internet.

Downloading and installation

You can download Rapportive here. Installation is very easy and the team at Rapportive has a clear installation guide.

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Rahul Vohra
12 years ago

Hey Keith, thanks so much for the write-up; I’m glad you find it useful!

Here’s a neat trick: try hovering over an email address in any email, or peoples’ names on the subject line of any email.

Stay tuned for more awesome to come 🙂

Rahul, CEO of Rapportive

12 years ago
Reply to  Rahul Vohra

Looking forward to more awesomeness! It’s been very cool so far.

13 years ago

Well for the most of the people I conversed with over email this weekend, I already had their social network information. But I see potential to fill in holes in my current contacts and their networks. Mostly I am glad to have this installed so that I can add new clients, contacts, & friends right away. Very cool plug-in, Thanks for the tip!

13 years ago

Wow this looks super slick. I am going to have to give it a try. Downloading now! Installed & restarting…

13 years ago
Reply to  Devcab_Connor

Let me know what you think! I find it so handy.

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