Using Testimonials For Your Wedding Photography Business

A free, 5-day email course to help you learn how to use your existing testimonials to get more wedding photography clients.

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You have a bunch of happy wedding photography clients.

You also know that having happy clients is an asset to your business.

But you don’t know how to snowball your happy clients into new clients for your business.

It sort of makes sense, right? You do a great job and your clients are always elated – there has to be an effective method for using your past clients to get more just like them.

And while most business owners know to collect testimonials, not much thought goes into how to get them and what to do with them.

Unfortunately, most people just post them on their website and let them collect dust.

There’s good news! As long as you have a list of happy past clients you can leverage them to get more.

I’ve created a free 5-day email course to help you learn how to use your testimonials to get more clients.

You’ll learn the secret to getting heartfelt, detailed testimonials and how to put those testimonials in front other people who are hunting for a wedding photographer.

Don't miss out! I look forward to helping you put your mind at ease.


Keith Curreri

About The Teacher

I’m Keith Curreri, and for the last decade I’ve been working with wedding photographers as a website consultant. I started out just developing websites, but as I helped more and more photographers, I’ve learned invaluable ways to help wedding photographers bring in new leads online.

I love making websites, but I’m hell-bent on helping wedding photographers learn how to master the BUISINESS of photography. A lot of photographers started because they love the work… but end up learning the hard way that being a successful wedding photographer is much more than being a great photographer.

In addition to this course I also write and blog weekly for my audience of business owners. I’m also the founder of Rental Raptor, a project management tool for landlords. I live in upstate New York with my dog.

Here's what you'll learn…

Lesson 1
Generic Testimonials vs Testimonials That Create Interest in Your Business
Lesson 2
How to Get Thoughtful Testimonials From Your Clients Without Annoying Them
Lesson 3
Collect Testimonials on Autopilot - Your Testimonial Process Checklist
Lesson 4
How to Rank Higher in Online Review Websites
Lesson 5
Big Answers to Questions Everyone Asks

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