Why Offering a “Freebie” On Your Site Can Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

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By Keith Curreri on June 01, 2018

It may seem slightly counter-intuitive: offer up a freebie on your site in order to earn more clients. But if you’re looking to convert visitors into paying clients, offering a small piece of content at no charge is a powerful strategy. Here are some perks to providing a freebie on your site:

It creates multiple touch points for visitors

Someone might come to your site, love your content, but then get distracted by phone calls and emails and forget to return later. However, if you offer something for them to try for free (whether it’s an e-book, part of a course, or a video) you’ve got a shot at keeping them engaged after their initial visit. When they see the content in their inbox, they’re reminded of your brand and are more inclined to return to make a purchase.

Prove you’re an expert

Anyone can claim they’re an expert in your field. But when you offer up a small slice of your content that proves the depth of your knowledge, you’re setting yourself apart from the competition. You can tell visitors how much better you are than your competitors hundreds of times, but when you let them see firsthand what you have to offer, it’s often the push they need to make a purchase.

It helps them to understand your product or service more effectively

If someone is new to your industry and isn’t totally familiar with what you have to offer, giving them a free sample helps them to understand what you’re talking about more easily. Whether it’s a week’s worth of a workout plan or the first chapter of your e-book, letting visitors experience your product is beneficial for those who may be on the fence about buying but need more information.

Another bonus of offering a freebie? It allows you to control your audience’s focus. Let’s say you really would like them to purchase your course on a particular topic. Offer the first section of the course for free and (if the content is up to par) you’ll be surprised how many people end up returning to purchase the entire series.


If you need some help deciding what kind of freebie you should offer on your site in order to convert visitors into customers, e-mail me at Keith@BuckleUpStudios.com.

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