“You” statements vs. “I” statements on your website

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By Keith Curreri on March 15, 2019

Every networking event I’ve ever been to feels the same – a room full of people looking to sell themselves.

The worst type of person at a networking event is the person that introduces themselves and then immediately goes right into their sales pitch…

“Hi I’m John, I’m a web designer. I’m great at making websites. I have 5 years of experience and I stay up to date on the latest web technology. I have a lot of clients and I can make you a great website. Here’s my card.”

I’m guessing that John isn’t going to get contacted from that conversation.

He’s rambling about how great he is and his unfortunate listeners are going to lose that card as fast as possible.

What if instead, John came up to you, connected on a personal level and was genuinely interested in your business and problems? Bonus if he was able to provide you with some instant take-home value.

You’d at least hold on to his card.

Prospects don’t care about you, they care about themselves.

I see so many websites that look like “John” wrote them – websites filled with “I” statements and bragging about how great the company is.

Using “you” statements will build a better connection with prospects and help you stand out from the competition.

The Takeaway Focus on needs during your prospects’ initial contact points with your business. Use “you” statements in your writing instead of “I” statements.


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