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4 Reasons Why a New Website is a Worthwhile Business Investment

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For business owners, the list of necessary expenses to keep a company afloat can feel never-ending. From rent and utilities to employees’ salaries and shelling out money on advertising, it’s certainly not cheap to keep a business going. That’s why many entrepreneurs shy away from the added expense of a website. Instead they opt to design one themselves or use only a Facebook page, seeing a website created by a professional as unnecessary. However, a professional, aesthetically pleasing website is actually a major investment into your business’s long-term viability. Here’s why:

It creates a professional look for your brand

Statistics show that shoppers conduct extensive research before making a purchase. One of the first things they’ll probably do before placing an order is head to your business’s website to see what your company is all about. If they don’t feel comfortable with what they find, there’s a good chance they’ll end up buying elsewhere. This means if your company is non-existent online (or if your website is seriously flawed), you run the risk of losing business. By paying for a professionally designed website, you’re engaging customers, which can ultimately result in them making a purchase.

It can help you close business

If your website includes an e-commerce portion, you’re able to take orders 24/7. Even if your site doesn’t include this feature, it acts as an around-the-clock sales tool, even if your business is closed for the day. By providing links to products or services you offer, details about what it is that you do, contact information, and testimonials about why people love working with you, your site brings a prospective client that much closer to being a paid customer.

It acts as a PR agency

Just landed a new client? Won an award? Completed work you’re especially proud of? Talk about it on your website! You can include a news section, or write a blog post on what’s happening within your company. Not only does this keep clients, employees, and prospective clients informed about what you’re up to, but it helps reinforce why you’re a leader within your field. Who wouldn’t want to work with a business doing the cool things you are?

It saves you time

Is your receptionist stuck answering the same four questions over and over again when new clients call? Your website can become a major time saver if you include a FAQ section. Instead of having to go through all of the details with each caller, your employee can simply direct the individual to the website where they can find all of the relevant information they’ll need.

The initial cost required for a professional website is worth the investment for the overall health of your business. Let the site help you sell your product, create an image you’re proud of, and answer questions from potential clients. Want to chat about how a website can improve your bottom line? Contact Me!

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