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5 Design Trends to Watch For in 2021

It’s a new year (finally!) and while you’re probably focusing on resolutions and hitting reset after 2020, don’t forget to spend some time considering your web presence, too. If you’re thinking about giving your website a new look this year, here are some design trends to pay attention to in 2021:

3D elements

Humans are highly visual creatures, so it’s no surprise that 3D elements are going to become even more popular this year. You may see 3D pictures of restaurants, for example, to better illustrate the dining experience you can expect when you visit that particular place.

Retro fonts

What’s old is new again. Whether it’s fashion trends or your company’s website, retro elements will be everywhere in 2021. This especially applies to retro fonts. You’ll see them popping up on all kinds of websites.

Abstract art

This year, look for abstract art elements to replace the stock photography you used to see everywhere. It’s much more eye-catching, and helps a site to stand out in a way that stock photography simply can’t.

Parallax effects

The word may sound complicated, but the concept is simple: parallax refers to an optical illusion that occurs when objects in the foreground appear to move faster than those placed in the background. It creates a bold visual effect that packs a punch. This year, expect designers to play around with how the foreground and background of sites interact to create an experience that instantly draws visitors in.

Enhanced scrolling

Look for web designers to get creative with sites’ scroll features this year. As you’re scrolling, you may notice a site’s color scheme change. In other cases, layouts will shift or you’ll interact with a piece of animation. It’s a subtle, fun way to spice up the user experience.

If one or more of these trends caught your attention, let’s chat! I’d love to give your site a makeover as we start 2021. Contact me to begin the conversation.

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