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5 Features To Scrap From Your Website Today

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There are a few standard features every website should have, regardless of the industry you’re in. Essentials like a navigation bar, an “about” page, and an easy way to contact your business will also be must-haves for you brand’s website. However, just like with fashion and hairstyles, website design trends change over the years. Here are some design elements that were once popular that no longer deserve a place on your site:

Welcome components that are heavy on Flash

Flash slows down your site’s load time and usually isn’t compatible with smartphones and tablets, thus rendering it obsolete. A few professional pictures and some engaging content will do just fine.

A non-responsive website

In order to make an impact today, you need to be able to reach your customer regardless of whether they’re scoping out your site on a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. Therefore, your website absolutely must be responsive in its design. If it’s not, would-be customers will move on to a competitor’s site that’s easier to navigate.

A navigation bar that just doesn’t make sense

When creating your website, you want to keep the user’s experience in mind. It should be easy for them to gather the information they’re looking for. If the individual has to keep digging through tabs trying to find a phone number to call to contact you, eventually they’re going to lose interest.

Cheesy stock photos

A visually appealing site is much more engaging for a visitor, but generic stock photos just don’t do the trick. Instead, invest in a session with a professional photographer and get actual shots of your staff and your office. It will make the pages feel much more personal, and will give would-be clients a better idea about who you are and what you do.

Outdated blogs

A blog is a great way to add personalized content to your site; you’re infusing your voice and your insight directly into the words that potential customers are reading. However if the posts become stale, the blog can actually become a detriment to the site’s overall health. Clients might wonder about whether you’re still in business, or might question your response time should they choose to partner with you.

If you’re unsure if the features on your website are timely, contact me for a consultation.

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