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5 Key Features Your Website’s Homepage Must Have

Regardless of what kinds of goods or services your business provides, there are a few key elements that your website’s homepage must have. These features ensure that potential customers are getting the information they came for when they scoped out your site in the first place. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dog groomer or a five-star restaurant, here are the essential features every website needs:

1. Basic information about what you do

When a potential customer visits your website, within the first few seconds of their arrival they should be able to understand what your business is all about. You should make it easy for them to learn more about these products or services by linking to an FAQ page, or another source of additional information. There’s no need to pack all of this content into the homepage, but it should be readily available in another section of the site.

2. Contact information

Users shouldn’t have to dig around in hopes of finding your phone number, physical location, or email address. If these details aren’t placed conspicuously in multiple spots throughout your site, you run the risk of would-be customers getting frustrated and ditching you for a competitor who makes this information easier to find.

3. Links to your social media pages

If your business has a Facebook, Instagram, or other social media pages, you should make sure to include links to them on your homepage. This is an easy way to encourage people to connect with you on social media, which boosts your online presence and makes it easier for other potential customers to find you.

4. Your logo

Placing your logo prominently on your website helps to build brand recognition. Ideally, every time a potential customer sees your company’s logo/signature colors/slogan, they think of your business. When they’re in need of your goods or services, your company will be the first one they think to contact.

5. Information about what sets you apart from the competition

You don’t need to bash your competitors, but your website’s homepage is a great place to educate visitors about what sets your business apart from others in your field. Whether it’s the quality of your products, your top-tier customer service, or your can’t-beat-’em prices, let visitors know why your business is the best.

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