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5 Organizational Tools to Boost Your Business AND Your Web Presence

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Any business owner knows that staying organized and focused is essential if you want to succeed. Having the right tools on hand is an important part of making this possible. Here are a few of my favorite tools for entrepreneurs. I’d highly suggest giving a couple of them a shot!


You know how important social media is, but you get so caught up with other tasks that sometimes you forget to tweet. Oops. Problem solved! Buffer allows you to craft perfect tweets, and then schedule them out in advance.


Collaborating with many different team members? Ditch the confusing and cumbersome email chain and work with Slack instead. With Slack, you can create various “channels” to make communication clear and efficient. You may have a sales channel, a product channel, and a business development channel. You can control who’s able to contribute to what, and can also download Slack as an app on your phone so you’re easily able to catch up on what’s new. It’s so much more effective than CCing your entire company and hoping for the best.

Google Docs

You’re working on a document, which you then pass around to have someone else edit. She passes it to someone else, and he eventually passes it back. But did you actually get the most recent version of the document back before you upload it? You’re not totally sure. Google Docs makes life so much easier. Multiple people can collaborate on the document, which is instantly updated, so you’re sure you’re always seeing the correct version of your work.


This project management software is a lifesaver when you need to stay organized. You can divide your work out into different channels, with each channel comprised of various cards. Comment on the cards to keep coworkers apprised of your progress. No more double emailing clients or accidentally dropping the ball.


If you’re sending large files back and forth and clogging up everyone’s email, now’s the time to get Dropbox. It streamlines the file sharing process and prevents you from having to dig through and find that picture you sent to Shelly three weeks ago. Or did you forget to send it? You can’t remember.

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