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5 Questions to Ask a Potential Client During a Web Design Consultation

When you’re doing a consultation with a potential web design client, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting a full picture of that person’s needs, desires, and expectations. This allows you to verify that you’re the best designer for the project, and allows you to work together seamlessly without room for miscommunications. As you head into your next design consultation, here are a few questions to consider asking a potential client:

1 - What goals would you like your new website to accomplish?

Some people want a place to showcase their work, others are hoping that their site will convert visitors into buyers. When you understand the purpose of the website you’ll be designing, you’re able to build something that meets these needs.

2 - In what areas is your current site lacking?

When you learn what’s pushing this business owner towards a redesign, you can be sure not to repeat those same mistakes. Perhaps their current design isn’t optimized for mobile devices, or maybe the color scheme doesn’t fit a recent rebrand. Understanding the flaws of the existing site is important before you begin work on the redesign.

3 - How would you describe your business using just a few words or sentences?

When you understand a business’s goals, mission statement, and target audience, you’re able to design a website that aligns well with that brand. As you learn more about the brand, you may realize that you’re simply not a fit for this kind of project, allowing the client to find a designer who’s a better match. On the flip side, hearing about the client’s company may energize you and make you even more excited to get started on the project.

4 - Are there features that you aboslutely must see on your new site?

While many clients come in with a laundry list of design features that they’d like to see on their new site, in reality, it’s not always possible to incorporate every single one of these elements in a cohesive way. When you understand the client’s “must have” features, then you’re better able to prioritize and design a site that suits their needs.

5 - What is your preferred timetable?

Sometimes a client and a designer would be a great fit, but their timetables aren’t aligned. If you’ve got someone who wants to see their site go live in the next two months and you’re booked out through the end of the year, this won’t be a match. It’s important to understand the preferred timetable upfront to prevent any disappointment.

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