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5 Reasons Your Customers Hate Your Website Redesign

Just as you handle home improvements regularly to keep your space looking fresh, website redesigns are a necessary part of keeping your online presence in tip-top shape. Whether it’s redoing your landing page or updating how your photos display on the site, these tweaks make a major difference in your web presence. But before you consider a website redesign, here are a few redesign elements that can have a negative impact on your customer base. Keep them in mind before you dive in:

Now it’s taking too long to load

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your site is, if it takes forever to load, potential customers aren’t sticking around to check it out. It’s great to make sure your site is visually appealing, but don’t neglect the overall user experience your site creates.

It’s hard to navigate

Your website should be intuitive. This is especially true if you haven’t done a redesign in a while and customers are used to looking in certain places for specific information. If your site is confusing to navigate, you run the risk of losing or aggravating customers. Keep it as simple as possible.

You’ve added videos that autoplay

While the videos may provide worthwhile information, you want to give visitors a choice about where and when they’d like to watch them. Videos that autoplay and catch visitors off guard can make the user experience off-putting and unpleasant.

Your contact information is hard to find

In many instances, potential customers are checking out your site because they want to figure out how to call or e-mail you. If you’re not putting these details in a conspicuous place then you’re inadvertently causing your visitors serious frustration.

It looks completely different than what they’re used to

While outdated sites can certainly become an eyesore, if you’re going to redesign your site, keep a few, key elements in place to make it easier for returning users. Making drastic changes can cause confusion among your customer base and may prompt them to look elsewhere.

While improving the look and feel of your site is certainly a positive step for your business, take care to keep your customer base in mind as you navigate this redesign in order to ensure that the new site provides a user-friendly experience.

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