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5 Tips To Make it Easy for Customers to Find Your Website

In these strange times, a solid, easy-to-use website is an essential element for your business’s survival. If you primarily relied on in-person shopping, a shift to a robust e-commerce platform can help make up for lost revenue. But since your site has become critically important in the last few weeks, it’s time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to attract would-be customers’ attention. Here are a few tips for doing just that:

Make the URL easy to remember

It doesn’t matter how amazing your brand is, if your URL is complicated, you’re costing yourself customers. People are busy, and now they’re stressed, too. Make sure your URL sticks in their minds.

Advertise it whenever you get a chance

Your website should be printed on your company’s letterhead. You should mention it in every radio or TV ad you do. Buying a billboard? Make sure to include the URL there. Whenever a customer is interacting with your brand, they should be reminded of your company’s website, too.

Learn the basics of SEO

You don’t need to be an expert, but understanding SEO basics can benefit your site significantly. For example, if you sell appliances and you’re trying to land on the first page of Google simply by ranking for “dishwashers” then you’re fighting an uphill battle. Instead, you’d be better served to try to rank for a more specific term, like “used dishwashers in Albuquerque” or something similar. You have a greater chance of success of making your mark, thus enabling customers to find you.

Participate in guest blogging

If you’ve got friends in your industry who enjoy writing, offer them a guest blogging space on your site. You’ll get fresh content your followers will want to read, and they’ll probably promote the post on their own platform, helping to introduce you to others who might not know about your brand.

If you’re the one who’s interested in blogging, craft a guest post on someone else’s site. Chances are you’ll be able to link to your own site. Additionally, that page’s owner will probably share the content on their own site and social media platforms. The end result? You’re getting in front of a lot of would-be customers.

Make sure you’re linking internally

While hyperlinking out to someone else’s site (or having them do so for you) certainly helps your SEO rankings, don’t forget to link within your own site. For example, if you’re writing a product description and you highlighted that product within your blog, hyperlink to the post so interested visitors can read the post and get more information.

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