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6 Key Components to Include in Your Company’s Email Newsletter

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Email newsletters are the perfect way to keep your current customer base engaged, and they’re also great for landing new clients. But what should you add into that blank template staring back at you, just waiting to be sent out to eager readers? Great question! Here are a few ideas about what you should incorporate into your email newsletter:

Sales and deals

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling skincare products or power tools, let’s face it: everyone loves a good sale. If your brand has one going, make sure to talk all about it in your email newsletter. Get specific on what the deal is, how long it’ll last, and what customers can expect.

New product highlights

Got a new line coming out? Show it off in your newsletter! Include plenty of pictures and descriptions, as well as details about how interested customers can make a purchase. This is a great way to boost sales.

Company news

Customers want to know what’s new with your business. If you promoted someone recently, added someone to your team, or made improvements to your store, let clients know about it.

Your most recent blog post

Whether it’s the entire post itself or just a summary, this is an easy way to highlight this informational content and make sure your customers are seeing it. If you’re going through the trouble of crafting a blog post regularly, make sure to promote it!

Upcoming events

If you’ve got in-store events, classes, or sales coming up, let people know about it so they can make room on their calendars ahead of time. Your customers are busy, and you want to be sure that these happenings are well attended.

A strong call to action

At the end of each newsletter, you’ll want to give the reader a strong call to action. Whether that’s making a purchase, enrolling in a course, or signing up to attend an event, guide your readers about the action you’d like them to take.

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