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Are You Making These Common Content Marketing Mistakes?

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Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, a killer content marketing strategy is a key factor when you’re looking for long-term success. When you’re regularly putting out interesting and relevant content, you’re giving visitors a reason to return to your site. At the same time, you’re also establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. It’s a win-win! However, there are a few slip-ups that can prevent a well-intentioned content marketing strategy from hitting the market. Here are some common content marketing mistakes to avoid to ensure that your efforts are worthwhile:

Not having a plan

You know you really should be blogging, so every few months or so you throw a new post together. While this is certainly better than leaving your blog totally unattended, content marketing is only effective when there’s a method to the madness. You should be blogging with important holidays, sales, and other pertinent dates in mind. Blogging just to get content out will leave your reader disinterested and prove ineffective as far as generating leads goes.

Not sticking to a schedule

Some days you post your content on Monday afternoons, while other times you’re posting it on Saturday mornings. Sometimes you’re publishing weekly, while other times you go three or four months without saying anything at all. When you’re inconsistent, you make it difficult to build an audience, as they never know what to expect from you. You don’t need to post daily in order to be effective, but make sure that your posting is consistent.

You’re not publicizing your efforts effectively

You’re crafting terrific content! You’re taking beautiful photographs! Awesome! But if you’re not letting your customers know about this stuff, you might as well not be doing it at all. People are busy, so tooting your own horn is necessary. Let people know where they can find the information you’ve created, and why they might enjoy taking a peek at it. You don’t need to be boastful about it, but encouraging eyeballs on the content makes the effort of developing it worthwhile.

You’re not reviewing what works and what doesn’t

You want to write content you’re passionate about, but you also need to provide some sort of benefit to your readers. If you’re churning out content that your audience really has no use for, you’re not using your time effectively. To prevent this from happening, you should do regular analysis of your content marketing. Which posts are performing well? What might readers like to hear more about? Are there topics that deserve more attention?

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