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Clean out the clutter

I changed the oil in my snowblower last weekend.

Changing the oil is usually a pretty easy task.

But I’ve been neglecting my garage organization for a bit and I’ve built up a lot of clutter.

So instead, a half hour job stretches out to an hour and a half as I curse and kick things out of the way to find everything I need.

After adding in some fresh oil, I spent the next couple hours totally cleaning out my garage and organizing everything.

I’m sure I’m not unique, most of us have a garage that needs organizing, or a closet we’ve forgotten about or a kitchen cabinet that can barely close.

Clearing out our clutter is daunting, so we tend to put it off, even if the resulting clutter makes daily life more difficult.

Think how well you work when your desk is cleared off, or how easy it is to cook when you know where everything is in your kitchen.

The same is true for your website. The less clutter you have on your website the more effective it is.

A lot of people come to me looking to redesign their website when all they really need is to get rid of the clutter.

Getting rid of everything unnecessary on your website is something that you can pull off pretty quickly and will give your website that revitalizing boost without spending all that money on a new redesign.

How do you know if something is unnecessary?

Every single thing that doesn’t help with your primary website goal is unnecessary.

Most of you probably have a primary website goal of getting more leads.

So go through your website and remove anything that doesn’t directly help to bring you leads.

You’ll have a cleaner and more effective website.

As an example, check out my website:

Everything on my website has a direct purpose of bringing me in more leads.

Take a look through your website and see what you can remove.

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