Compete based on the benefits you provide, not on your price

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By Keith Curreri on February 25, 2019

Apple charges $1,000 for the new iPhone X.

And that’s their cheapest model.

Apple doesn’t get into price wars.

They don’t compete with Samsung and LG based on how much their phones cost, they do it based on another factor…

Unique value

They stand by their pricing even though it’s often much higher than their competitors.

Instead they focus on user experience, exclusive features, and extensive applications that their competitors can’t compete with.

Even though their prices are outrageous, people still buy their iPhones in droves.

What can we learn from Apple?

Make sure your website focuses on the benefits that you give you clients.

Focus on how your service can make their lives better and how you’re different than your competitors.

Like Apple, show your potential clients how price isn’t the only factor in their decision.

The Takeaway: If you focus on the benefits you provide, you can make your clients feel like hiring you is worth it – no matter what the price.

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