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Creating a website for your non-profit organization

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When you’re creating a website for your non-profit organization, your needs and goals will vary drastically from, say, a restaurant or a law firm. However, there are still a few key elements that any good website needs to include. Here’s how to make your non-profit’s website useful for your visitors.

Make sure your mission is instantly clear

No matter what your cause is, make sure it’s clear right away. If someone who comes to your site has to dig to figure out what your organization does, it’s unlikely that you’re going to engage them enough to encourage them to volunteer or donate to your cause. Your group’s mission should be front and center at all times.

Your content needs to work for you

Like any other website, you need to curate your content carefully. This includes carefully crafted writing, and eye-catching photos. If you’re all about helping young people in your community, show images of how you do this. Maybe it’s a shot of a bright, shiny new playground that’s just been installed, or you can show a pair hard at work during an after-school tutoring session. When possible, include testimonials from those your organization has helped.

Make it easy to get involved

If someone has combed through your site and feels compelled to get involved with your organization, you want to make sure that doing so is effortless. They shouldn’t have to fill out dozens of forms or search high and low to find a phone number to contact an organizer. Approach donations in a similar way. If someone wants to give money to your cause, make it easy for them to do so.

Ensure that your site looks good on all devices

Whether a visitor is checking out your site on a laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet, they should always have a great viewing experience. This means that you need a responsive design. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you could lose a large portion of your visitors as they click away and head to a site that is.

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