Custom Post Type Ordering Issue [Resolved]

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By Keith Curreri on May 13, 2011

I recently had the need to be able to manually set the order of WordPress Custom Post Types on a WordPress site. There are many neat plugins that you can use to set the order of Custom Post Types, but for some reason all of the plugins that I used did not seem to work. I realized that this issue was that I needed to set the “hierarchical’ parameter in the functions.php file for the Custom Post Type to ‘true’.

Since this is a post on manually ordering Custom Post Types, I will not be going in depth on them in this post. If you are looking for more information on making custom post types, check out the WordPress Codex.

The Process

The process of changing the ‘hierarchical’ parameter is pretty simple. You need to access your functions.php file first. Then find where you installed your custom post type and add 'hierarchical' => 'true' This will allow you to manually sort Custom Post Types using plugins.

The Plugins

Below are a few plugins that will help you manually set the order of Custom Post Types if the ‘hierarchical’ parameter is set to true:

Good Luck!

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Jake Goldman
12 years ago

Thanks for covering Simple Page Ordering!

You might like to know that Simple Page Ordering no longer requires your post type to be hierarchical – it can be hierarchical *or* simply support the “page-attributes” capability!

12 years ago
Reply to  Jake Goldman

Thanks for the update Jake!

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