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Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Business’s SEO

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You could craft the most beautifully designed, wonderfully written website in the world, but if it’s not showing up in searches, you’re going to have a hard time getting potential customers to pay you a visit. That’s the interesting thing about search engine optimization, also known as SEO. You need to put in the time to make a website worth visiting, but you also need to understand a few key tricks to ensure that places like Google and Bing pick up on your site when potential visitors are searching for brands like yours. If you’re looking to boost your SEO, here are a few tips:

Know what keywords you’d like to rank for

While, of course, you’d like to rank for any and all keywords associated with your business, this simply isn’t possible. Let’s say you run a sporting goods store. Instead of trying to rank for words like “tennis” and “soccer” and “baseball” it’s best to get more specific in order to have better results. Everyone wants to rank for those big keywords, so you’ll drown in a sea of sites similar to yours. Instead, maybe you choose to rank for “kids’ tennis rackets” or “baseball catchers’ masks.” When you get specific, there’s less competition. This makes it easier for your site to stand out and attract visitors.

Focus on putting quality content on your site

If you spent all of your time and money building a website that looks great, but has poor quality content, you’ll become invisible to would-be visitors. The actual design of the site is important, but so are the words that populate the pages. You need fresh, well-written content that is unique to your brand. This could be a blog that gets updated regularly, it could also be catchy subheadings or page titles, and it could be a useful FAQ section. When you provide real value to your visitors, you help improve your SEO.

Be consistent with details about your business

Take ownership over all of the online listings for your business, and make sure that they’re consistent. The details that appear on Google Places should be the same as they are on Bing. You’ll want to double check addresses, phone numbers, and more. Small inconsistencies can make a major, negative impact. To get started, visit the website

Lastly, asking your customers for reviews can play a significant role in helping boost your SEO. You don’t want to bribe people into leaving kind words about your business. Instead, encourage them to leave their honest thoughts about their experience with your brand. Understand that you won’t get only perfect reviews, but that this genuine feedback helps you to show up more effectively when people are searching for businesses in your industry.

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