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Find out what people need from your website and make it easy to find

I think can predict the future

I'm going to pull out my crystal ball and make a prediction.

The next time you visit a restaurant's website, you're going to be looking for one of three things...

It's going to be some combination of:

1 - Location

2 - Menu

3 - Hours

That's my prediction, you'll never go to a restaurant's website and look for anything else.

Am I wrong? Do I have a career as a fortune teller?

Probably not, it doesn't take any special powers to guess that.

So why do some restaurants not make those three things as easy as possible to find?

If somebody goes to a restaurant's website, they're likely looking for the location, menu, or hours – and if somebody is looking for one of those three things, they are almost already sold on coming in to eat and spend money.

So a smart restaurant website shouldn't create any friction in that workflow. They shouldn't make it harder for people to become a customer.

Restaurants are easy to pick on. It's a fairly low-touch, impulse industry.

Your business is probably more difficult, but it's still important to know the main things people need from your website.

Look at your analytics, do customer interviews or talk to your past clients. Find out what people are looking for when they come to your website and make those things prominent.

Don't have any friction in your website workflow. Don't make it harder for your prospects to become clients.

The Takeaway: Find out the most important things your prospects need from your website and make them obvious.

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