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Four Easy Places to Search for Website Redesign Inspiration

You’re feeling excited about redesigning your business’s website and have finally set aside the time and funds necessary to focus on the project. However, now it’s time to find some inspiration. What do you want the new site to look and feel like? If you’re trying to get a better handle on your vision so that you can accurately describe it to your web designer, here are some places (both unexpected and not) where you might find inspiration for your project:


When it comes to volume, Pinterest has you covered. You can easily search thousands of pins in a matter of minutes. Type in any number of keywords (like “colorful websites” or “restaurant websites”) and you’ll be greeted with plenty of different choices to look at. See if anything strikes your fancy. The site is free to use.


Do you see an advertisement in a magazine that really catches your eye? Believe it or not, this can serve as web design inspiration! Take some time to break down the components of the ad that you find so eye-catching, and then incorporate them into your own project. For example, maybe you enjoy the color scheme, the font, or the use of black and white images.

Competitors’ sites

It’s not copying when you use a competitor’s site as inspiration. Take a peek at other service providers in your industry and see what their sites look like. Do their sites have elements that you love or hate? Use this to inform your own redesign process. While you wouldn’t want to lift their entire layout or color scheme, if you love the way their Contact Us page is laid out, for example, you could model your own similarly.

Websites you love to use

Even if they have absolutely nothing at all to do with your industry, you can look at the websites you use every day and find inspiration from them. You’re a dentist. Great. What is it about that you love? Those components can certainly serve as inspiration when you’re redesigning your practice’s website.

If you’re in need of some guidance about where to find website redesign inspiration, I’ve got plenty of tips. Contact me and let’s chat!

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