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Four Tips for boosting web engagement

You probably put a lot of effort into your business’s website, with the hope of attracting visitors who are excited to learn about your products or services. If you’re looking to not only attract visitors but also to encourage those people to spend more time on your site, here are four essential tips for boosting your web engagement:

1. Don’t rely on clickbait to get eyeballs

We’ve all seen those weird ads at the bottom of a webpage that talk about how some beloved movie star had terrible plastic surgery. They encourage you to click on their site to see the photos. While this may work for some organizations, if you’re trying to build a legitimate following, clickbait isn’t the way to do it.

Instead of using outrageous headlines or photos to try to get people to check out your site, be truthful with your visitors. What can they expect when they visit your site? What information will they find waiting for them? This is the best way to build trust and encourage these people to return to your site again in the future.

2. Share your credentials

With so much spam out there, it’s important to reassure your visitors that your website is legitimate and filled with good information. One way to do that is by clearly displaying your credentials on your site. This might include:

  • Awards your business has won
  • Certifications or accreditations
  • Ratings and reviews

3. Consider making your site multilingual

Depending on your audience, you may find that making your site available in multiple languages makes it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. In turn, this may also encourage them to stick around longer.

4. Make next steps clear

Whether you want someone to email you for a quote, call to make a purchase, or to download your new e-book, guide your users as to what their next steps should be. You should also make it easy for them to get in touch with you if they have follow-up questions. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address, phone number, and physical address if you have a brick and mortar space.

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