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Four Worthwhile New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business’s Website

While you’re busy setting New Year’s resolutions about reading more and eating better, the start of 2020 is also a good time to turn your attention to your company’s website. What’s working well and where might you like to see some improvements? If you’re not sure where to focus your efforts as we kick off a new decade, here are some easy yet effective New Year’s resolutions for your website:

Add a privacy policy

If you read or watch the news, you’ll hear creepy stories about smart devices recording you non-stop or thermostats with secret built-in cameras. Because of this, consumers are becoming more vigilant about their privacy. They want to know who they’re sharing their information with, where it’s going, and why.

If you’re going to collect user data on your site for any reason, be transparent with your customers. How is that data stored? Why are you collecting it? Will you sell it to a third party for any reason? This openness helps your customers to feel confident in your brand and may encourage them to make a purchase with you.

Make sure your hosting platform is secure

Even the world’s biggest brands are no longer immune to hackers. To decrease the chances that your website will be compromised, make sure you’re hosting your site on a platform you trust. It’s not worth saving a few dollars a month to choose an unreliable host.

Keep your site looking clean and simple

There are so many brands and media platforms vying for a consumer’s attention today. If you want to stand out, your site needs to be easy to navigate and understand. If consumers have to scroll through page after page to figure out what your brand is all about, there’s no way they’re sticking around. No matter how passionate you are about your business, keep your content short and sweet.

Stop being afraid to ask your customers for positive feedback

In a competitive landscape, customer reviews are critically important for your brand. In many instances, they might serve as the deciding factor when a potential purchaser is on the fence about whether they should hit “add to cart” on your site.

Because of this, in 2020 it’s important to stop being afraid to ask past customers to review your business. Their words are powerful and will help your brand continue to grow. Even a few sentences about their experience with you is enough to make a difference. Go ahead, ask away!

If you need help making this year a great one for your business, I’m here to make sure the website portion of things is in perfect shape. Contact me and let’s get started.

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