Having a Business Email Address is Important. Here’s Why.

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By Keith Curreri on October 06, 2022

For entreprenurs, particularly those with new businesses, every penny counts when it comes to managing your costs. While there are certainly some things that are not worth splurging on (do you really need a thousand custom koozies with your business’s logo on them?) there are other costs that are worthwhile for the growth of you brand. A custom email address is a good use of your business’s budget. Here’s why:


It gives you credibility

These days, many of us are worried about sharing our personal data. How is that information being used? What if that company’s system is hacked? Having a custom e-mail address for your business is a good way to give you credibility. It reminds customers that you’re a legitimate brand and not just some organization that grabbed a Gmail address to try to scam people.


It adds an air of professionalism

If you’re communicating with customers via a standard Gmail or Yahoo email address, customers may (perhaps even subconsciously) question how much of a well-oiled machine your brand really is. A custom email address can remind customers that you’re a professional business that can be trusted.


It allows you to diversify your email marketing efforts

If your business is running off of a singular Gmail address, it makes it harder to get creative with how you use email to communicate with customers. For example, you might want to have a Marketing@YourAwesomeBusiness.com email, a CustomerService@YourAwesomeBusiness.com email, and an Info@YourAwesomeBusiness.com. When you’ve got custom email addresses, it’s easy to do this. When you’re using a catch-all company email address, this becomes more cumbersome.


It can help you avoid getting caught in someone’s spam folder

Emails from a generic Gmail account may get trapped in your customers’ spam or junk folders. A custom email address adds an air of authenticity that encourages people to open up your message and learn more about your brand.

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