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Help! I Have No Idea What to Put On My Website’s Blog

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You know that adding a blog to your website personalizes your content and gives potential customers insight into why they should choose to work with you over your competitors. There’s just one problem: when it comes to actually crafting your blog posts, you have absolutely no idea what to write about. If you’re facing writer’s blog, here are some tips:

Tackle some frequently asked questions

As a business owner, you probably hear a few of the same questions over and over from customers or potential customers. Why not do a blog post that covers those questions? Not only will this provide value to your visitors, but it can also save you some time. Rather than having to re-answer the same question, you can direct people to the blog post when they’re in need of information.

Interview an interesting person

Maybe it’s an employee with a fascinating story to tell, a local artisan who helps you make your product, or a long-time customer. People love reading about interesting people, so these kinds of posts are always well received.

Review a product

If you’re in a field where you’re constantly trying different products, give an honest review of these items. For instance, if you’re an esthetician who has just tried a new cream or lotion, write about it. If you love it, let customers know where to find it. If you hated it, tell them why, and let them know which other products you prefer instead.

Give seasonal tips

For businesses that are impacted by the seasons, put together a blog post that’s focused on weather changes or holidays. For example, if you’re an auto body repair shop, you might give tips on prepping your car for tough winter weather. If you’re an interior designer, offer suggestions on how to make your home look festive for the holidays.

Don’t be afraid to recycle old posts

If you’ve written about something in the past and it was well received, don’t be afraid to re-use that old post, with some updates. Maybe your take on the topic has changed as time has gone on, or maybe you’ve learned new information that would be valuable for your customers to know about.

If you find that you’re continually running out of things to talk about on your blog, you might consider having guests contribute. Perhaps you’ve got an employee who would love nothing more than to get his or her creative juices flowing!

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