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How does your website taste?

Last week I was at a birthday party where there was a special-order cake.

The party was for a foodie and the cake was custom made to look like a hamburger.

It caught everyone’s attention as soon as they walked in the door – I’ve never seen anything like it in person. You could tell it was a cake, but there was so much detail & color and everything looked flawless.

Everyone was excited when it came time to eat the hamburger cake.

As the slices got passed around and people started to dig in, one by one we each realized the same thing – the cake didn’t taste very good.

The cake was made with fondant icing.

See, the thing with fondant is, it looks great and you can style it in a ton of different ways…

But it tastes like soft clay that’s so sweet it would make Willy Wonka’s teeth hurt.

The cake looked great but tasted terrible. People had a hard time finishing their slice and nobody went in for seconds.

When it comes to cake, taste is more important than looks.

It’s the same with your website.

I see a lot of people get caught up on how their website looks. They fret over the size of the logo or the number of pictures in their photo gallery, but they lose track of the most important part – how well does the website perform?

Is it helping you achieve your primary business goal?

You can have the best-looking website in your industry, but if it doesn’t perform for your business then it’s not a good website.

Like cake, when it comes to websites, performance is more important than looks.

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