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How to Come Up With the Right Look and Feel For Your Website

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When it comes to creating your brand, you have the perfect vision in mind. You know what you want the interior of your store to look like, and you know what kinds of products you should carry. But web design is a little bit different. While you feel certain about your business’s branding, you might not feel as sure about what your company’s website should look like. What color scheme should you use? How should the content sound? Here are a few ways to come up with the perfect look and feel for your business’s website:

Write down a list of adjectives that describe your brand

Your company’s essence may have become so emblazoned in your brain that you don’t even have to think about it anymore, but when it’s time to design a website for your business, it’s time to take a step back and get to the root of what your brand is all about. Write down a few adjectives that describe your brand. What do you want people to feel when they walk into your shop? How would your customers describe the business? What did you want to create when you were first dreaming about starting the company? Whether it’s edgy, altruistic, feminine, or something else, knowing these words can help give you some direction when it’s time to start the web design process.

Look at other websites you like

Even if the businesses have nothing to do with your industry, you can gain inspiration by checking out other sites that you find visually appealing. Make sure to identify what, specifically, you like about them. Is it the color scheme? The font style? The way the content is written?

Make sure there’s consistency

If your business appears one way in person, it should feel the same way online. For example, if you run a barbeque restaurant, your website should exude these vibes. You wouldn’t want to position yourself as a formal, white tablecloth establishment when you’re constructing your website.

Think about why visitors will come to your site

When you identify the main reasons why people will come to your site, it makes it easier to build something that yields a positive experience for these individuals. If your site will mostly provide information about your hours and the products you offer in-store, make sure this information is easy to find. If you want to have an expansive ecommerce section, you’ll need a site that loads quickly, with items displayed in a cohesive way.

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