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How to Create an E-mail Blast People Will Actually Want to Read

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Each day people are bombarded by dozens and dozens of e-mails that quickly end up in their trash folder. They’ve got enough important work messages to attend to, so anything else really has to stand out to warrant a read through. This makes it difficult for your company’s e-mail blast to earn a customer’s attention. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen:

  • Only send a message when you have something important to say: Some people feel obligated to send an e-mail newsletter daily or weekly, even when the message has no real value to the reader. This quickly lands the blast in the trash or, worse, warrants an “unsubscribe” from the recipient. Instead of sending out an email because you feel obligated, put out a blast when you have something noteworthy to share with your subscribers. This could be a sale, a new product line, or a big announcement they’ll need to know about such as a new location or extended hours.
  • Know what your readers want: Some people prefer short paragraphs, while others enjoy infographics or pictures. Some like funny stories while others want you to get right to the point with the information they need to know. In order to feel certain that your blasts are serving a purpose, take the time to find out what it is your readers were looking for when they hit “subscribe” in the first place. You can do this by asking them in person, sending out a survey, or posing the question on social media.
  • Measure your results after each campaign: You can think you know what your readers want, but you should take a look at actual data too. After each e-mail blast, break down the analytics of that campaign. How many people opened the message? Did anyone unsubscribe? What worked well and what can you do better next time?
  • Check the formatting: The message should display well regardless of whether it’s opened on a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

E-mail blasts are an effective way to stay in touch with your most devoted customer base. However, it’s important to craft each message carefully and with your clients in mind in order to ensure the success of the campaign.

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