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How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Want to Read

These days, we all get lots of email. That shop you bought one sweater from seven years ago? You’re getting their daily updates somehow. Though some of these email newsletters can be pesky, it’s certainly possible to create email marketing content that people will be excited to read.

Here are some tips:

Set the tone

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, make sure that you send an email welcoming them and explaining the value they’ll find within the messages. If you put out new blog posts every Tuesday, for example, let them know about this. If you answer reader questions on Fridays, tell them this so they can participate. Guiding your email subscribers through what to expect from your messages is a great way to get them to fully appreciate your content.

Be aware of frequency

You might think every new offering or discount is worth an email, but go overboard and you’ll quickly find followers hitting “unsubscribe.” Your customers are inundated with messages each day. If you’re going to contact them, make sure it’s for a valid purpose.

Create useful content

If you’re offering valuable information, people will be glad to subscribe to your newsletter. Whether it’s a guide, an e-book, or a few quick tips, provide subscribers with substance and they’ll look forward to your messages.

Format blasts for multiple devices

Your customers are checking their email on their phone, on their laptop, and on their tablet alike. Be aware of this and ensure that your newsletter has a responsive design, meaning that it looks great no matter what platform it’s read on. If customers have to scroll left to right to read your message, they’ll quickly lose interest.

Offer rewards

Offering rewards or discounts to email subscribers is an easy way to build your base. Even seemingly small discounts are enough to entice a customer to give your newsletter a try.

Send the newsletter at an optimal time

If you’re trying to get people to read your message at 8 p.m. on a Friday, don’t be shocked when your open rates are dismal. Even if you can’t wait to get your message out, it’s worth strategizing about the best time for audience engagement, otherwise the effort you’ve put into crafting the newsletter will go to waste.

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