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How to Develop a Strong Call to Action

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You spent time and money creating a website to attract the attention of potential new clients. You paid someone to take professional photos of your staff and office. You even carve out time each week to write new posts for your company blog. Despite these efforts, somehow you’re still not seeing the ROI you had hoped for. Before you get discouraged, know that there’s often an easy fix. In many cases, a weak call to action is to blame. It’s great to attract visitors to your site, but if you’re not helping to guide people as they navigate around the various pages, you’re going to struggle to convert them into paying clients. Here are some key traits of a strong call to action:

Give them a specific step to take

As the name suggests, a strong call to action tells someone exactly what they should do next. Whether it’s buying a product, enrolling in a course, or signing up for a free consultation, give visitors guidance on what they should do to maximize their time on your site.

Tailor the call to action carefully

Your call to action should vary based on the page the visitor has landed on. If you want them to fill out a contact form to get a free consultation, make sure you tell them very specifically how to do that. The call to action should say “fill out the contact form at the bottom of your screen” not just “fill out the form.” Don’t assume people will go out of their way to look for something on your site. Make it as easy for them as possible.

Make the offer desirable

You want to create a sense of urgency in your call to action. Why should they buy now? What will they miss out on if they don’t? Here’s an example:

Buy your e-book now!


Buy your e-book now and receive a 25% discount!

Everyone loves to save money, even if it’s just a small amount. By letting potential customers know that a purchase today will include a financial savings, you pique their interest.

Make the language enthusiastic

Everyone wants to feel as though the purchase they’re making will add something positive to their life. If you’re a hair stylist, you could tell someone to “call now to book an appointment” and you’d probably get plenty of people who wanted to revamp their look. But if you said “Ready to refresh your look for spring? Call now to book an appointment for a total hair makeover” you’re more likely to get better engagement. Fun, energizing language makes a call to action even stronger.

A call to action is a powerful tool that encourages your site’s visitors to make a purchase. Make sure you’re using it properly to help guide their next step once your site has captured their attention. Think your call to action is in need of a little help? I’ve got you covered! Contact me for a free consultation! (See what I did there with my call to action? Sorry, couldn’t resist pointing it out...)

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