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How to Freshen Up Your Web Copy When Time is Limited

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You know that your website’s copy needs to be updated regularly, both for your visitors’ benefit, as well as for SEO purposes. However, your days are jam-packed as is, and consistently finding time to update your website’s copy proves to be a challenge. Here are a few techniques on keeping your web copy fresh, without neglecting other top priorities pertaining to your business:

Develop an editorial calendar

You find 15 minutes of free time where you could be sitting and writing a blog post, but instead you’re staring at a blank screen. While writer’s block happens to the best of us, an editorial calendar can help nip it in the bud. Though time-consuming initially, developing an editorial calendar allows you to have a constant stream of ideas so you can keep your site populated with fresh content throughout the year. It also enables you to more effectively promote new products, sales, and other relevant happenings in your business, as you have more of a heads up than when you’re trying to create this content on the fly.

Focus on the most important aspects

You don’t have time to rewrite each page on your company’s site on a regular basis, but you can still tackle small chunks of content. When time is limited, focus on the most important aspects of your site. If you’ve got a blog, it’s probably wise to commit your attention to this section. If there’s an events calendar, take time to ensure that this is updated. When someone sees happenings from February and you’re in July, it makes the site look outdated very quickly.

Don’t forget to give your site’s photography some attention as well. Updated images of your office, your staff, and your products can give the site a fresh look, even if you haven’t touched the copy in a few weeks.

It’s also important to make sure everyone knows which aspects of the site they’re responsible for updating. If John thinks Sue is updating the web copy, and Sue thinks Bill is handling it, don’t be surprised when the website sits untouched for months on end.

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