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How to Get Testimonials For Your Site Without Hounding Your Clients

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Testimonials pack a powerful punch when it comes to converting sales via your website. However, asking past clients to take time out of a busy day to write about why they loved working with you isn’t always easy. Maybe you’re too nervous to ask in the first place, or you do ask and your customer swears he’ll write one, but then it never happens. Months go by, and the testimonials section of your site is sitting vacant. Here are some easy ways to gather this important piece of content for your site, without feeling like you’re harassing your customer base:

Ask promptly

When you’ve knocked it out of the park with a customer, capitalize on this and ask them if they would mind writing you a testimonial. If you wait until two years later when their satisfaction with your service has faded into their memory, it’s less likely that they’ll agree to take time to write a review.

Explain their value

If you want someone to sit down and write a testimonial for you, explaining to them how and why this review helps you is a solid place to start. Acknowledge the work involved on their part, and be direct about how the review will boost your business in the future. Let them know that the review can be as long or as short as they’d like, and be appreciative of their efforts.

Utilize what you already have

Take a look at Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and you may find that people have written positive words about you on their own. Rather than asking someone to sit down and put together a review, make use of the testimonials that are already available to you. Seek out the person who wrote the review, and ask for permission to use it on your website.

Offer to do the same for them

If someone has hired you and you’ve also used their services, a testimonial exchange can be beneficial. You write about why you love their business, and they do the same for you.

It’s certainly possible to ask for testimonials without feeling as though you’re harassing your best customers. If you need help boosting your testimonials, or any part of your website, contact me for a consultation!

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