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How to make your website stand out from the competition

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How to make your website stand out from the competition

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you’re competing for would-be customers’ attention. Your website can help ensure that these people choose to do business with you instead of your competition. How do you make sure your site grabs their attention and stands out from the crowd? Consider the following tips:

A good domain name

You can have the best advertising campaigns and products in the world, but if people can’t remember how to find you online, you’re doing yourself a disservice. As you’re developing your website, make sure the domain name you choose is obvious to those who might be seeking you out as they’re browsing the Internet. If you sell donuts and the name of your shop is Don’s Donuts, your domain name should be something like or These are easy to remember and make sense based on the name of the company. If the domain name is, don’t be shocked when people have trouble finding your site.

An easy-to-use navigation bar

Visitors check out your site because they’re looking for specific information. Maybe they want to know what kinds of services you offer, or they’re looking to find out if you’re open on Sundays. Make it easy for them to locate these details. A navigation bar helps to make this possible. It should feature several clear headings with only a few tabs within each heading. Packing the navigation bar with unnecessary tabs makes the site confusing to those who are searching for specific information.

Engaging text

Provide content that is crafted in an engaging way and you’ll find that visitors want to stick around. Choose your words carefully though. You want to offer enough information so that would-be clients find the details that they’re looking for, but not so much that they’re overwhelmed and go elsewhere. Edit wisely.

A simple layout

When it comes to the design of your site, less is definitely more. Sites with text boxes, dozens of images, and drop down menus floating all over are unappealing. Instead, strip it down and include only the most essential elements necessary on your site. This might include contact information, a list of services, essential details about your company, photos, and a few testimonials.

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