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How to Select the Best URL For Your Business’s Website

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The URL you select for your website is a crucial choice. While it may not be as fun to think about as the kinds of pictures you’ll use on your site, your URL directly correlates to how easy it is for potential customers to find you online. When you want to be certain that the URL you’ve chosen is a good one, here are a few points to consider:

Keep it simple

When you start adding adjectives into the URL, you’re making it harder for people who see the URL on a billboard, hear it in a radio ad, or notice it elsewhere to remember it. You’re also upping the chances that someone spells a word wrong, and their typo then causes them not to find your site.

Keep it to the point

People should see the URL and instantly know what your business is all about. If you sell swimming pools, the word “pools” should be somewhere in the URL. Trying to incorporate too many puns can seem cheeky and clever, but in reality you can make it more confusing for someone to understand what exactly it is that you’re selling.

Make it unique

Before you commit to a domain name, do some research and make sure competitors in your field aren’t using similar URLs. Confusion on the part of would-be customers could accidentally send them to the competition when they’re trying to find your site instead.

Avoid using numbers

It’s easy for visitors to get confused when there are numbers in a URL, particularly if you’re going to be doing advertising where people are only hearing the URL said and aren’t seeing it written. Was that “two” spelled out? Did you actually mean “too” as in also? Avoid any confusion by leaving numbers out altogether.

Grab a .com whenever possible

Though there are plenty of other URL options, most of your customer base will assume your URL ends in “.com” and will automatically type this in as they try to find you.

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