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How to Turn Your Website Into a Powerful Sales Tool

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Your website can be a powerful sales tool for your business, especially since it stays open 24/7, long after you’ve closed your store up for the night and gone home to bed. But in order to ensure that your site is converting sales as effectively as you’d like, it needs to feature a few key components. These include:

A call to action

It sounds simple, but give the user a little guidance about how to use your site and you may end up shocked by how easy is it to get them to make a purchase. Do you want them to buy your book? Simply tell them so! Want them to buy from your new line of sweaters for small dogs? Encourage them to make a purchase today! A call to action is essential if you’re looking to make sales via your website.

Tell them why they’ll like your products

What separates you from the competition? Why would a customer be satisfied with their purchase? Do you use only organic ingredients? Is each item handcrafted? Take the time to write out a little sales pitch on your site, giving enticing information about why this visitor would enjoy what you’re offering. If possible, include pictures so they can take a look at the products you’re describing.

Include testimonials

I always tell my clients about the power of testimonials, because I believe in them wholeheartedly. There is nothing better than having the words of a satisfied customer on your site, readily available for would-be customers to read if they’re on the fence about making a purchase. They’re wavering about snagging a bag of your coffee beans, but then they scrolled down a bit and read about how much Susie loved them, and all of a sudden they’re positive that they have to have some too. Sold.

Add in an extra offer

Can you give them free shipping? Free returns? Adorable packaging? A lifetime warranty? In many instances, little perks like these are exactly what you need to convert sales.

A guide for new customers

If you’re offering a lot of products on your site, I often find that it’s helpful to walk visitors through the items and give them some information about where to start. You could divide the products up in a way that makes sense based on what you’re selling, and then explain to visitors how to find what they’re looking for. If you want your website to be an effective sales tool, you have to make it as easy as possible for those visiting it. This means using simple language, a clean navigation bar without too many pages, and directions about which products are best for each type of client. Since they don’t have salespeople like in a brick and mortar store available should they have questions, specific instructions can be very useful when it comes to making a sale.

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