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How to Use Your Business’s Website to Introduce a Rebrand

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Letting your customers know that you’ve rebranded your business takes both time and concentrated effort. If you’ve become established in your community for carrying a certain type of product, it’s not easy to change consumer perception. However, your company’s website can be a powerful tool when you want to educate clients and potential clients about your rebrand. Here are some ways to do it:

Make sure the copy is very specific

Be transparent with website visitors about the rebrand. What does it mean for them? Have you discontinued any products or introduced any new offerings? Don’t assume that your customers will take time to do research on their own. Make sure the details are clear.

Change up the look of your website

Visitors who might not be paying close attention will take notice when they log on and see that the site they usually visit looks quite different. This can help clue them in to the fact that something is different about your business.

Put the new logo and tagline on all spots on your website and social media platforms

If part of your rebranding includes a new logo and tagline, make sure to upload these components to your website as soon as possible. You can quickly create confusion when you’re using a new logo on billboards and letterhead, but still displaying the old logo on your website. Don’t forget to change your social media profiles accordingly as well.

Plan the rollout carefully

Introducing a rebrand to your customer base should be a strategic effort. You’re not going to educate your clientele overnight, so don’t get frustrated if it takes time to get consumers comfortable with the changes. With that in mind, you’ll want to plan your efforts carefully. If you have a particular time of year that’s especially busy for your business (around the holidays, for example) then it’s probably best to avoid launching a rebrand then. Instead, wait until a quieter period when you can lend your full time and attention to getting the new message out.

Be transparent with customers

If someone visits your site and suddenly sees a new tagline, logo, and style of writing, they may wonder what’s going on. Rather than trying to pretend that this is how your business has always operated, be upfront. If a customer is loyal, trying to fool them will make them wonder what you’re hiding. If you decided to rebrand because the company is under new management, there’s no shame in saying so in a delicate way. If you decided to shift your efforts to suit customer needs more effectively, make that clear. It’s perfectly acceptable to want to adapt your business plan, but be transparent about what’s happening and why.

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