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How to Use Your Website to Boost Your Customers' Trust in You

You know your products are great. Your mom knows your products are great. Your best friend knows your products are great. But all of this means nothing if your customers don’t know that your products are great. Your website is a powerful tool that improves your credibility. Here’s how to use your website to boost your customers’ trust in you.

Use testimonials

There are few things that do more for client trust than testimonials. You can brag about how wonderful your products are and show all of the pictures you want, but there’s nothing quite like hearing positive words about you from an unbiased party to make someone want to make a purchase. They don’t need to be long to be impactful, so if you have customers that are preaching the perks of working with you, ask them to write you a testimonial.

Write your web content in an authentic voice

To trust you fully, customers need to feel that your website is authentic and portraying what your business is all about. If you’re fun-loving and energetic, a site with content that feels stuffy won’t line up. The disconnect will make potential clients feel uncomfortable and will leave them questioning whether you’re really the best fit for their needs.

Tell them how to get in touch with you

If you want customers to feel like they should be comfortable working with you, that means you’ll need to be open to communication and feedback. One way to do this is by making it easy to get in touch with you. Clearly list your address (if you have a brick and mortar location), email address, and phone number in several, conspicuous places on your site. This illustrates that your business is legitimate and that you’re open to communication with customers.

Choose your website advertising selectively

If you’ve got pop up ads that are hard to click out of whenever a customer tries to visit your site, they may wonder whether you’re really in business to help them or if you just have a site so you can make a quick buck.

Think carefully about your domain name

You have to go with what’s available, yes, but if you choose something that sounds spammy then don’t be surprised if people have a difficult time trusting your business. This means that is probably not a great pick. Sorry.

Be transparent about your refund policy, guarantees, warranties, and other purchase information

Does a customer have 30 days to return a product? Let them know! Is the purchase satisfaction guaranteed? Say that! This illustrates that you value client happiness and aren’t just here to take their money and disappear.

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