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How to use your website to tell your brand’s story

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Your company’s website is an extension of your brand. Regardless of what your brand stands for (from clean eating to the trendiest shoes available) the images and text found on your site help would-be customers know what to expect from your company. Here are a few ways to ensure that your website is properly communicating your brand’s story and messaging:

Use your “About Me” page wisely

Some business owners get stuck on their “About Me” page. They’ve gone through years of schooling to become qualified to offer their services, so it feels natural to turn their “About Me” page into a resume that highlights their education and previous work experience. While it’s certainly important to tell potential customers why you’re qualified to do what you do, you also want to paint a clear picture about how you’ll serve them. Here are a few areas to highlight on this page:

  • Who works for your company?
  • What problem or issue does your business solve?
  • Why is your business better/more qualified/more affordable than your competition?
  • How did the idea for the business come about?

Remember to see your website from the eyes of a visitor. What information will they be looking for? What content will help convince them to make a purchase or to reach out to you for more information?

Select your photos carefully

Stock photos are easy to acquire, but they give your site an impersonal feel that can leave clients struggling to imagine what it would be like if they chose to work with you. Instead, invest in professional photography that gives a look at your team members, your office, and the goods or services you provide.

Craft relevant, updated blog posts

A company blog is a great way to continue to further explain your brand’s mission to new customers. After browsing your site for a bit, they should know who you are, what you sell, and why you sell it. A blog allows you to go even further and sound off on topics that are relevant to your industry. From trends to new offerings, crafting a blog post further helps to separate you from your competition.

Finally, you can rely on testimonials from past customers to continue to tell your story. It’s great to talk about your new product line, but it’s even more powerful to publish a testimonial from a satisfied client who raves about why she’s thrilled with an item from this line.

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