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How your website can show personality but remain professional

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When you’re building a website for your business, there’s a fine line between boring and being silly. You want to showcase your brand’s personality, but don’t want would-be customers to think that you’re too unprofessional to trust with serious matters. Here are some tips on toeing that line to create a website that’s authentic, but not goofy:

Add a blog

A blog is the perfect spot to showcase your brand’s voice in a way that’s appropriate. You can pick one person on your team to populate the blog with content, or you can rotate and feature a different employee each month. Cover industry-specific topics that showcase your team’s knowledge base, or simply focus on relevant happenings within your office.

Incorporate social media

You may opt to have your latest tweets or Facebook posts display along the side of your site, or perhaps you just want to make it easy for visitors to find and follow you on these platforms. Either way, social media is another opportunity to display your business’s unique voice. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram let you sound off on relevant issues, share about the kinds of projects you’re currently working on, and give real-time updates about what life is like at your office.

Make sure your copywriting is on point

The content found on your site contributes to the page’s personality in a major way. If the words are dry and boring, the site will have little to no personality. Either work with a professional copywriter or make sure you’re enlisting someone who truly is up to the task when it comes time to handle the writing portion of creating a website. You want to be sure that the content populating each page is on brand and on message. If you’re a zany marketing company, the content can be fun and kitschy. Make sure the content lines up with what your business is all about.

Include pictures

Don’t underestimate the power of photographs when it comes to adding some personality to your site. Show your team at work, your office, and the projects you’ve completed recently. People enjoy reading about your business, but that visual element packs a powerful punch too.

If you’re looking for additional tips on how to make sure your website is appealing to visitors while still remaining professional, contact me!

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