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“If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.”

“If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.”

This is one of my favorite quotes.

I keep it in the back of my head whenever I need to hire somebody.

Take Frank, for example. Frank's car is making squealing noises so he brings it to a local mechanic.

The mechanic quotes him $800 to change his brakes.

But Frank is resourceful, he knows a friend of a friend who can fix his brakes for $200 and a case of beer.

He hires this guy and smiles when he thinks about all of the money he just saved.

Flash forward a week – while he's driving to an important meeting to consult with a new client, Frank's car starts making a horrible grinding noise and he has to pull over and call a tow truck.

After he gets his car towed to a mechanic he finds out that the guy who did his brakes put them on wrong and by driving the car he damaged his calipers.

Now Frank has to pay for the tow truck, new calipers, and new brakes - plus he missed his meeting with a new client.

Sucks for Frank.

What does this have to do with your business?

This sort of thing happens all of the time.

Many people make the mistake of being overly frugal with aspects of their life which are extremely important.

And as professionals its frustrating to lose a new prospect due to people choosing cheaper options.

Unfortunately, this is a common mindset buyers have and it's not something to let ourselves lose sleep over.

If somebody decides not to hire you because of your price they probably wouldn't be a good client anyway.

Good clients know that price is not the only deciding factor when it comes to hiring a professional.

Some people are even reassured by higher prices knowing that professionals are worth the cost.

The Takeaway: Don't haggle with bad clients, either educate them on how you're worth your cost or let them spend more for an amateur.

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