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Key elements of a successful homepage

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Designing your website’s homepage can feel overwhelming, particularly when you’re starting from scratch. There’s so much information you feel inclined to include, and yet you don’t want to overwhelm a visitor who’s scoping your site out for the first time. When you’re going through the web design process, here are a few key elements that you should be sure to incorporate on your homepage:

A clear explanation about who you are and what you do

It may seem very obvious to you, but you still need to provide this information so that first-time visitors can get a sense of what your brand is all about. What kinds of services do you offer? How did your business come about? What separates you from your competitors? What kinds of clients do you typically work with or hope to work with in the future?

Social media links

Many of your potential customers are active on social media, and will want to be able to connect with you on their favorite platform. If you’re tweeting, posting on Facebook, or using Instagram, provide links to your profiles so that people know how to find you. This also allows them to get a better sense of what your brand is like.

A navigation bar that’s easy to use

If you’re folding tabs within tabs within tabs on your navigation bar, your site will become confusing for a user. Make it a point to keep your navigation bar intuitive and simple. You don’t want to force visitors to have to click around excessively to find the information they need.

Basic contact information

Put your phone number, address, e-mail address, and other pertinent contact information in a highly conspicuous spot (or two!) on your site. In most cases this is probably one of the main reasons why someone is scoping out your page in the first place, so make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

Client testimonials

If a would-be client is on the fence about whether to work with you, few things are more powerful than a testimonial from a satisfied customer. If you have these testimonials to offer, put them in an easy to find location on your site. The testimonials don’t have to be long to be impactful, so don’t be shy about asking your best customers to pitch in with a few nice words.

A breakdown of services

What exactly can you provide for a client? What do they need to know about these services? Do you provide pricing or should someone call for a consultation? Offering these details in a format that’s clean and aesthetically pleasing is an essential part of your site’s homepage.

Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate a call to action on your homepage. Do you want potential clients to call to make an appointment? Should they sign up for your e-mail newsletter? People will often take exactly the action you hope they will, they just need a little guidance about what they should do as they’re visiting your site, so don’t be afraid to tell them. Got questions about how to ensure that your homepage is packing a powerful punch? contact me and we’ll chat!

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