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Key Tips on Narrowing Your Focus and Finding Your Ideal Client

You’ve got an awesome product. Your website looks great. You have a well-trained team. Perfect! Now it’s time to figure out who, exactly, will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. Finding your target customer isn’t as easy as you might have imagined, so if you’re struggling to build a dedicated customer base, don’t get discouraged. Here are some tips on narrowing your focus and finding your ideal client.

Don’t be afraid to get niche

Many business owners believe that in order to up their chances of making a sale, they should aim for mass appeal. While it may seem like targeting anyone and everyone is a surefire way to land clients, in reality, quite the opposite is true. What appeals to 60-year-old Bob who’s a lawyer probably isn’t what 23-year-old Katie, who’s a digital marketing professional, is looking for. By trying to aim your business at both of these people, you may end up appealing to neither of them and doing yourself a disservice. Instead, don’t be afraid to get niche. Sure, Katie may not like what you’re selling, but Bob and all his friends will end up loving it. Boom! There’s your client base.

Don’t just go with your gut

Okay, let’s keep going with our Bob example. You’re pretty sure that your product is perfect for Bob and all of his friends, based solely on how you think customers view your brand. But until you actually know this for a fact, you could be missing out on an important customer base. Take the time to study your clients. Who are they? How old are they? What do they do for work? What are they buying from you and how often are they making a purchase? Where do they live? From there, you’ll be able to put together a more accurate, data-based customer profile, rather than one based solely on anecdotal evidence.

Get to know your ideal customer well

Once you’ve identified your ideal consumer, you’ll need to market to them effectively. You should spend some time figuring out where your customers go on the weekends, how they spend their free time, what they read and watch, and the social media platforms they prefer. When you understand their habits, you’re able to spend your time and marketing dollars most effectively.

Make changes when necessary

Unfortunately, your ideal customer and your actual customer won’t always line up. If you find that this is the case, it’s decision-making time. You can opt to pursue the customer base you’ve already got, leaving the ideal client behind. Another option is to make some shifts in your product offerings and marketing in order to go after your ideal client.

When it comes to landing your ideal client, take time to talk to the customers you’ve already got, do some research, and get strategic about who you’re trying to attract. If you need some help crafting a profile for your ideal customer, I’m happy to help. Contact me for a consultation.

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