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Reaching customers outside of your target audience

Here's a question from a reader:

"Could you create an article about reaching customers outside of your typical bucket?"

The reader is wondering: how do you reach prospects outside of your typical target audience?

My take on this is:

Why would you want to?

What's the reason why you'd like to get a different type of client?

Is it because you're unhappy with your current demographic?

Or is it because you want more clients and you feel like reaching into a new "bucket" will be an easier way to expand your business?

If you're not happy with something about your current type of client (maybe they're hard to work with, or they don't have a budget or they're not making you happy) then it makes total sense to find a different type of client to work with.

But if you're happy with your current type of client, why spend the effort expanding when you can spend that same effort doubling down on what's working?

Either way you're putting energy into marketing, but you'll get exponentially better results by doubling down on getting more of the same.

Your clients are likely all similar because you've found a group of people that you're good at helping.

It may feel like you've reached everyone that you can help, but I bet you haven't. There's a lot of people out there.

Sometimes it easier (and more lucrative) to be a big fish in a small pond.

Look at some of the successful law firms in your area and you'll see a perfect example of this. Most law firms find something that they're good at and then they specialize in it.

You'll find lawyers who specialize in elder law, personal injury, traffic tickets, and copyright law.

Sure, a lawyer could do all 4 of those things, but I bet if you ask him/her they'll tell us it's much better for them to pick a focus and double down.

The Takeaway: Sometimes it's better to focus on a specific group of clients and tailor your marketing directly to them rather than dilute your marketing message for the masses.

Hope that helps!

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