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Six Ways To Monetize Your Website

You’ve got a beautiful website up and running. Awesome! It’s filled with  well-written content. Your site looks great on any device, whether that’s a tablet or a smartphone. Yay! Now how do you start monetizing that website?

Here are a few ways to begin:

  1. Sell ads: If you’ve got the time and the energy to do it, you might consider selling ads on your site. For example, if you run a website that focuses on the best camping spots in the United States, you could sell ads on your site to sporting goods stores, campgrounds, and tourist attractions in the cities you mention.
  2. Create a membership system: This membership can grant participants access to a specialized community, and might include access to forums, workshops, online classes, and other exclusive content.
  3. Publish product reviews: If you’re a well-respected voice in your industry, you can make money by publishing product reviews. Keep in mind that people trust reviews from their favorite bloggers and social media influencers, so it’s important to properly disclose that the review you’ve written is sponsored.
  4. Put your content behind a paywall: If you’ve got niche content that people look forward to reading, you can consider putting some of your content behind a paywall, which allows you to charge for this content. You might offer a free sample of your work so that people can get a sense of what they can expect to read behind the paywall.
  5. Publish an e-book. If you’re an industry expert or have a unique perspective to share, you can publish an e-book and charge a fee for those who are interested in accessing this content.
  6. Sell a product: When you’ve got a brand that people are invested in, you can sell a product that relates to this brand. For example, if you’ve got a podcast, you might consider selling t-shirts and coffee mugs with your podcast’s logo on them for fans of your show to purchase.

Keep in mind that in order to monetize your website, first you’ll need to make sure that your website is appealing to users and encourages repeat visits. Once you’ve got this nailed down, then you can begin working to make some money off of the site.

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