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Stripey Business Card Template

Photoshop application window previewing business card



  • Any version of Photoshop
  • A computer
  • A print shop

This business card template would work great for freelancers, students, and personal use. The cards are in the CMYK color space and are sized with bleeds so that you can bring them to a professional print shop easily.

If you are not familiar with Photoshop, don’t worry! Here is how to customize your card:

  1. Download the .PSD file and open it in Photoshop
  2. Click on the text tool icon on the Photoshop toolbar. (see #1 in image below). With the text tool selected, click on the card text and fill in your own information. You can style the text by clicking Window -> Character(see #2 in image below) on the top toolbar to bring up the text styling palette. Make sure that none of the text flows past the bleed guide lines in the document (see #3 in the image below).
fill in your own information
  1. To change the color of the background, double click on the color swatch (see #4 in the image below) on the Photoshop toolbar and select a color (see #5 in the image below). Once the color is selected, click the paint bucket tool in the Photoshop toolbar (see #6 in the image below).
Change the color of the background
  1. Once you have your color picked and the paint bucket tool selected, click on the “background” layer (see #7), and then click anywhere on the card to change the color.
Change the color of the background
  1. At this point your card should be customized to your liking – it is time to export the file for print. On the top menu bar, click File -> Save As (see #8). Name your file, and select the format as a Photoshop PDF (see #9). Click Save (see #10).
Customize to your liking
  1. Another dialog box will come up, for the “Adobe PDF Preset” choose [High Quality Print] (see #11). Then click Save PDF (see #12).
save the file
  1. Bring your PDF file to your local print shop and start handing out your cards!

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