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The Surprising Reasons Why a Bigger Logo Isn’t Necessarily Better

Having a massive logo on your website probably feels important. How else will you get potential customers to remember you, right? While branding your site and making sure your logo is present is certainly an important part of effective website design, it’s actually possible to harm your site’s overall user experience by going overboard with logo size. Here’s why:

Think about how you feel when SOMEONE WRITES IN ALL CAPS

You probably just pictured me yelling at you, right? This is exactly how a logo that’s too large can feel to a visitor. When your logo dominates the rest of your content, it can feel as if you’re just shouting your brand name at someone while they’re trying to search for other information.

It doesn’t actually increase brand recognition like you think it does

In reality, there are many components that determine whether someone remembers your business when they’re ready to make a purchase. This includes images, your color scheme, and your copy, too, so make sure these areas are up to par.

A logo that’s too large becomes distracting

The space on your site is limited, so you need to put the most critical information front and center. If your logo is looming too large, it’s inevitably going to have to bump other important details off the home page. If, for instance, a potential customer came to your site to find out when you’re open and you had to put your hours on another page due to lack of space, this visitor may get fed up and jump to a competitor’s site where these details are readily available.

You may just need a little more white space

White space is essentially the areas of your website where you don’t see any design elements, like images or text. If you feel like your logo is too small, you may just need to bump up the white space surrounding it.

When it comes to designing your website, you should always keep your user’s experience and end-goals in mind. Make sure it’s easy to find the information they came for and you’re boosting your chances of earning a repeat visitor.

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