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Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2017

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We finally said goodbye to 2016, and a new year means new trends in web design. Whether you’re looking to build a new site completely or are kicking off a website redesign slated for this year, here are the trends to keep an eye out for as 2017 gets underway:

The use of geometric shapes

You’ll notice a lot of geometric shapes and sharp lines in web design this year. Whether they’re highlighting an image or used to pull out a block of text in an interesting way, these shapes are eye-catching and add a vibrant pop to any site.

Inventive headings

For years, headings and sub-headings have been an important tool for breaking up text and signifying important portions of a website. This year, look for unexpected designs in headings. This might include creative fonts, different justifications or layouts, or visual elements that are interwoven directly into the text.

Layouts that let content take center stage

By now we’re all tired of the “content is king” cliché, but there’s a reason people repeat this phrase over and over. The copy found on a site has a significant impact on a user’s experience. Because of its importance, designers are shifting their focus and are creating sites that let this content shine.

Short headlines in bold type

This has been a web design trend for years, but expect it to continue into 2017 and well beyond. It’s an easy way to quickly grab a visitor’s attention.

More color

This year you’ll see the use of gradients and bright shades to create cheerful, aesthetically pleasing sites that visitors enjoy scrolling through.

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