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What To Do When You Need a New Website ASAP

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You know your current website is an eyesore. It’s outdated, it’s clunky, and the content hasn’t been touched in months. In fact, you’re not sure if you can stand to look at it for another week. This feeling is frustrating, and you may feel equally aggravated knowing that you have to wait patiently as your new, highly anticipated site comes to life. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re looking to expedite your design process:

Come to your design meeting with inspiration in mind

When you first begin the web design process, your designer is going to ask you for inspiration. What other sites do you enjoy using? What color schemes do you like? What do you definitely want to include or exclude on the new site? If you come to the meeting with no ideas in mind, you’ll continue to delay the process as you go home and search for inspiration. Instead, do some prep work before the discussion. Show up with a few examples of sites you love, and elements you’d definitely like to see on your new site.

Have someone handle the items you don’t have time to take care of

With a new site comes the need for new content and new photos. Many business owners want to save money by taking care of these elements on their own, but inadvertently end up delaying the launch of their new site because they haven’t had time to write their content or take the necessary photos. It’s great to save money when possible, but know when to outsource the work so you can keep the process moving.

Set deadlines with your designer

When you’re having initial discussions about your site with your designer, don’t be afraid to set deadlines. If you absolutely must have your site live by June 1st, work backwards and think about what steps you’ll need to take to make that possible. However, understand that you play a role in meeting these deadlines, too. While the designer is working to build the site, you’ll need to be working on your end to gather photos and create content, or to find the right person to handle these tasks for you.

When you come prepared with inspiration and steps in place to move the design process along, you’ll find that it’s easier to reach your launch date more quickly. Need other tips as you prepare for a website redesign? contact me!

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