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What to Do When Your Web Designer Isn’t Picking Up On Your Vision

You’ve spent hours poring over other websites for inspiration when it comes to designing your own site. You’re thrilled to get to started, and you can’t wait to see how your web designer brings this vision to life. But what happens if your web designer misses the mark? What should you do when they don’t seem to pick up on the ideas you had in mind? Here are a few ways to handle this type of communication issue:

Sprinkle in some positivity with your criticism.

While your web designer wants you to be happy, they’re also investing heart and soul into your project. If they show you a mockup of your site and your only thoughts include critiques and negative words, it can impact how you work together as you move forward.

But don’t be afraid to be honest

While it’s nice to throw in a positive comment or two, this doesn’t mean that you should pretend to be happy if you’re not. A good web designer cares more about how you feel about the finished project than their own ego. Don’t be afraid to speak honestly about any changes you might like to see.

Prioritize your requests

In some cases, it may not be feasible for your designer to incorporate every element on your wish list. To ensure you’re happy with the finished product, provide clarification on which elements are must-haves, versus simply nice-to-haves.

Provide specific examples

If you’re telling your web designer that you’d like your site to include more color, get specific about what that might look like. Are you imagining jewel tones? Neon colors? The more specific you can get with your requests, the easier it is for your web designer to execute your vision.

By providing your web designer with honest feedback and clear examples about what you’re looking for, you help to guarantee that your site comes out as beautifully as you’d hoped when you first started imagining it.

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