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What to Expect From Web Design in 2019

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It’s hard to believe we’re in 2019 already. Hey, they say that time flies when you’re having fun! Whether you’re in the market for a complete website redesign, some small updates, or you’re committing to finally building your business a site for the first time, it’s good to be aware of the design trends we’re expecting to see this year. Here are a few of my predictions:

A heavy emphasis on video content

Video has been important for several years now, and I expect this trend to continue. If you have the means to put out quality video content, I’d highly recommend it. Visitors love eye-catching videos that teach them something they didn’t know before they watched the piece.

A minimalist approach

When websites first became important, designers packed as much information as possible onto each page. There were content blocks everywhere and TONS of pictures. That’s changed over the years, and there’s been a shift to a minimalist approach. This year, sites will continue to head back to basics. Your customers want to see the most important details, without any fluff or unnecessary extras. Get to the point and then let them get on with their day! This applies to videos, photos, and content.

A focus on the mobile experience

As we know, you have to assume that most visitors are checking out your site using a smartphone. If your site isn’t optimized for a mobile experience or loads strangely on a phone, this is a major issue you’ll need to correct this year. While your site still needs to look great on a desktop or laptop, you should seriously consider how the design looks on a smaller format if you don’t want to lose customers.


Your customers are most likely a diverse group, and your website should reflect that. If you’re still using stock photos (please stop!) featuring a group of people who all look the same, you’re doing your customer base a disservice. If you work with people of varying ages and ethnicities, the models on your site should illustrate this.

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